Towel is an Amsterdam based creative video-production agency specialized in branded video content.


Brands are the next-generation broadcasters and publishers! We specialize in the creation and development of tailor-made branded video content, ranging from campaign specific videos to "always-on” content strategies. We have the honour to be the lead video-agency for many of our clients, but we also work in close cooperation with media- and advertising-agencies, publishers and (influencer)broadcasters. We also provide brands with video concepts and strategies, always giving them effective tools to assure support within their organisation.


All of our productions are done in-house by a dedicated production team of over 25 people. This allows us to deliver premium content in a very short period of time. For many of our clients we produce content all year long. We are experienced in many different kinds of (social) video content; human-interest style videos, product-content or YouTube series - we do it all! Our highly skilled team has produced award winning branded video content over the last years.


A decent distribution plan is crucial for success. We are specialized in bringing video to the right target audiences by making use of (owned) social channels, influencers, publishers and paid distribution. Because we combine creation with a data-driven approach we are continuously analyzing the performance of the different video assets. Based on the realtime analysis and testing of multiple video assets we can adjust the content right away to optimize both return and conversion.

We are proud to have worked with the following clients & partners

  • Specsavers Specsavers
  • MediaMarkt MediaMarkt
  • Macdonalds Macdonalds
  • Albert Heijn Albert Heijn
  • Fox Fox
  • Ranault Ranault
  • Nuon Nuon
  • LG LG
  • groupm groupm
  • Isobar Isobar
  • wavemaker wavemaker
  • initiative initiative
  • divimove divimove
  • - -
  • sanoma sanoma
  • omd omd

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